copertina Menorah



An ancient relic that weighs 150 pounds of solid gold has vanished without a trace. One of the world’s most precious objects, it is the Menorah, the sacred, seven-branch candlestick plundered from the Temple of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. Much more than just a precious object, it is the symbol of Israel and the emblem of their ancient history. The recovery of the Menorah could inspire the eternal gratitude of the Jewish people, conversely, it could be used as a bargaining chip against them.
A diary of a renowned Venetian painter that dates back to the French revolution has been recently discovered in Paris. Clues within appear to indicate the whereabouts of the Menorah, and the race is on to find this valuable artifact. Many of those searching are only interested in their own financial profit or political gain. For unknown reasons, the unscrupulous, wealthy Lebanese businessman Hytham Fasatne is one of those trying to locate the Menorah.
This potentially explosive situation leads Oswald Breil, former chief of the Mossad, to collaborate with the celebrated best-selling writer Laura Joanson and the brilliant scientist Sara Terracini. They must recover the Menorah before it falls into the wrong hands!
The treasure hunt, directed by both ancient manuscripts and high-tech computers, begins in the Parisian catacombs and continues through Italy, the Tibetan highlands, and the Iraqi desert. Plot features include dangerous alliances, violent conflicts, and chemical weapons. Only the individual who can decipher the ties that bind history with legend will discover where the Menorah is concealed.

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